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Its nice! Sometimes there are graphical glitches and it crashes (when there is Audio MIDI Setup, Sound Preference Pane and this opened all at once), but I dont really care, because when thats not the case its working flawlessly! Gives a lot of nice possibilities. Worth the money, I say.

Don’t work anymore. Do not buy.

Be aware. This app Don’t work anymore. Do not buy.

Delivers *exactly* what’s promised...

Take a minute and read the App description above. If you are in need of this functionality, this is the App for you! If you’re not willing to life with the shortcomings—which are honestly explained above—then don’t waste our time by complaining and giving it a bad review. AudioSwitcher is simple, it does exactly what is promised, and it solved a real problem for me. It’s stable, and it’s inexpensive. What’s not to love? I’m happy.


This does exactly what it says it does, which is exactly what I want.

Does exactly what is described

This app does exactly what is described. If it’s somehow not working for you, please reread to make sure it’s not you.

A Great Mac is Nothing without a Great Audio. This Is It

$1. Yes I just broke the bank because setting the audio output with 6 speakers maybe a bit of a conflict with my time. There was days that I would spend hours just to mess things-up and then I would learn be restarting and restoring my system. I’m not 20 anymore so my priorities have slightly changed. Enough “Sad Bastard" stories for you, I’ll cut to the chase; it took me less than 5 minutes to setup all my audio line-out(s) and speaker levels. Now that I am enjoying my music, I’m having much more fun poking around with this simple tool. Thank you AudioSwitcher and a message to Apple; listen and learn! … Listen and learn!

Good app, but not good for audio interfaces

Bought this to control volume, as the description says. Unfortunately, this app will not control the volumes of my audio interfaces.

Multi room over Airplay induces noise

… As indicated in the product notice - makes it useless for me

Fail to start

This Version also fail to start

Does not do what it promises - no dual airplay speaker output

Does not do what it promises - no dual airplay speaker output

Fix the /Applications Errormessage and the graphical glitches!

Fix the /Applications Errormessage and the graphical glitches!

Useful app

I use a headset to do conference calls and listen to music on my speakers. This app is a handy way to adjust the volume of people talking to me on my headset which is a pain through control panel. Thanks so much for this great app.

Does exactly what I need!

Does exactly what I need! Switches easily between my audio In/Outs, quick and easily, without going through the System Preferences pane. I love the fact it is a a light and nimble program.

excellent and extremely useful app

Amazing ease of use and quick customization features. Best part is the ability to rename your desired outputs !!! Thank you for listening to customers and delivering a quality utility software all around !!! Highly recommended for all those who switch between headphones and speakers or various outputs like bluetooth or airplay with your mac !! Excellent Product - Thank you again !!


Now it works on my iMac again. Thank you for the update. <2.24.934> It is very usefull app.

Exactly the same as FREE embedded Audio MIDI setup

This app replicates exactly the same as Audio MIDI setup, but you pay 0.99 on top. The problem is, the multiple output has a problem: a very bad background noise that can’t be avoided. I am frustrated to have paid such a price, hoping that this solution would have been better than the FREE embedded one, but they are exactly the samer. Totally NOT worth it.

Works great on my MB Pro

I have two HDMI displays with speakers, a desktop audio system, a logitech HD Webcam with built-in mic, and a logitech USB headset. Switching from listening to music into doing a webex used to be a bit of a clickfest so I searched for a solution offering an easier way to manage so many audio input/outputs. Luckily I found AudioSwitcher right out of the gate as it worked perfectly for that use case. Better yet, I have several Apple TVs between my home and my office - AudioSwitcher also handles them without issue, allowing me to easily play Spotify into my home AV sound system whenever I want. Between this app and Shush, I have my audio setup fully dialed in. Props to people who develop genuinly useful apps that solve real problems so well.

Interfered with AirPlay

After switching from an old Macbook (2006) to a MBP I was looking for an alterative to AudioSource, since they didn’t upgrade their app to work on new computers. I found Audio Switcher and thought that it came pretty close. For about three weeks now I am trying to get the AirPlay mirroring working from my MBP to the Apple TV. Just right now I realized that Audio Switcher was the problem. In the meanwhile I also found out that I can do the same thing this app does simply when I option click on the Audio icaon in the menubar.


Thank you for this. I am constantly swapping between Line Out for my headset and the Interal Speakers throughout my work and personal time. Having a menu bar tool to manage this easily saves me minutes each day.

Or you could hold down option and click the volume icon...

That is all.

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